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We specialize in providing a complete crew support service for cultural events. We get to lend our hands to most concerts in the Czech Republic and also sports exhibitions, shows, and other performances. Our main goal is professionality and happiness – of our clients, workers, and ourselves. We accentuate fairness and transparency, we value our clients, and we care about our employees.

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We are the engine of entertainment. We are…

    • festival

    Signal Festival


    We participated in the light show of the year. Signal Festival presents various light installations and performances. In its five-year existence, it attracted over two million visitors.

    • concert

    Justin Bieber


    We took part in a sold out concert of Justin Bieber. The world's superstar put on an amazing show that included also acrobats and giant trampolines.

    • festival
    • open-air

    Metalfest Open Air


    The largest metal fest in the Czech Republic, which annually brings top bands and singers, attracts thousands of visitors every year.

    • festival
    • open-air

    United Islands


    Since it’s very begining, the Prague’s United Islands festival had been part of our early summer workload.

    • concert



    We built a stage for the animated band Gorillaz which for the first time ever visited the Czech Republic with their Humanz World Tour.

    • festival
    • open-air

    Rock for Churchill


    For the Rock for Churchill festival, we regularly engage a stable backline crew and part-time workers for parking and camping organization. Our employees also built the main stage in the last four years.

    • tour

    EvoLucie turné


    This year’s tour of the legendary Czech band Lucie consisted of 10 concerts in various Czech cities. Our group of 24 heroes was there for every one of them.

Crew with a lust for life

Do you like music and want a part-time job? Have you always wanted to see backstage at concerts and festivals? Do you want to become a part of the largest cultural events and experience them from the other side? Become a stagehand! Register with us and choose jobs and times as you wish.

Crew with a lust for life

Crew with a lust for life

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