The ultimate crew company

We specialize in providing technical staff for the construction and production of cultural events. Every year we handle more than 2500 concerts, sport and social events, both around the Czech Republic and surrounding countries.

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360° solutions for your events

Our portfolio includes a wide range of professions needed for the preparation, construction, running and dismantling of events.

Stagehands - Steelhands - Scaffolders - Riggers - Forklift Drivers - Stage Managers - Runners - Wardrobe Assistants - Production Managers & Assistants


Why work with Shameless?

We are experienced

Our main motivation is to see the job done well. That is why we pride ourselves on a fair, transparent and friendly approach to our clients and employees.

In the last 15 years we have brought to life more than 15,000 events.

Kdo jsme?

We are professional

Our crew consists of hundreds of well-trained stagehands and specialized professionals.

We've created an original stagehand manual and a multi-level training system, covering the basics of stagehands and other technical disciplines in the industry.

Co nabízíme?

We have our own app

We developed our own workforce management software, which allows us to organize a qualified, professional and reliable team for any type of event even at very short notice.

Jaký problém (vy)řešíme?

We are everywhere

Concerts at O2 Arena, Rock For People or Colours of Ostrava festivals, clubs, conferences, exhibitions and sporting events. The crew with the skull on their backs is to be seen everywhere.

Proč to děláme?

We are a crew with a lust for life

For us, it's not just a job. It's our passion, our family. We regularly meet up to see shows, do sports, BBQs or just for a beer.

We're a crew with a lust for life, and we make culture come alive.

V čem jsme unikátní/jiní než ostatní?

In 2022, we managed
2780 events, 32 festivals,
over 35,000 positions

COVID surprised us, but it didn't put us down. In the first year after the covid crisis, we mobilized the entire Czech culture industry together with our clients and in the end achieved a record number of events, including the biggest summer festivals.


Matěj Štěpán

Shameless CEO

„Our advantage is the ability to provide staff for all types of events, from small intimate ones to the largest events and festivals in the region. We are flexible and don't discriminate, our priority is always the smooth course of the event and professional crew on the spot.“

Matěj Štěpán | Shameless CEO

Zdeněk Souček - Suki

Founder of Let It Roll

„Our festivals wouldn't be the same without the Shameless crew. They are always ready to meet our needs and improve the quality year by year. Can't wait to build the next one together!“

Zdeněk Souček - Suki | Founder of Let It Roll