Our crew

Our work is more than just a part-time job for us. We are the crew with a lust for life, not only at work. We organize regular group meetings, such as paintball, laser game, foosball or barbecues. We are the engine of Czech entertainment and only music is our boss. We are the crew. We are Shameless.

Join Shameless

Join our crew

We hire men as well as women. Anyone who has the courage to work manually and enjoys working with technology is welcome to our team. You don’t have to have any experience – a proactive attitude and reliability are enough. We’ll teach you everything else at our training. Our stagehands choose their own jobs, so it’s only up to you when and where you want to work. You get your money quickly – you’ll have it within a week in your account or in cash. You get to work at various exciting events and will see places where you wouldn’t be allowed otherwise. Do you want freedom? Join us!

Why work with us?

What do you like about working with Shameless?
  • Definitely the opportunity to choose from various events, uniqueness, no stereotype. Then I really like how the whole system works, signing up for jobs, opportunities to grow professionally etc. Friendly team, an opportunity to be a part of superb events. And why Shameless? Many recommendations in the first place and then my own amazing experience and your friendly approach. Thanks!

    P. B.

  • Working in a great team thanks to which you'll see places where you wouldn't be allowed otherwise and events that you wouldn't hear about. All that for a decent salary and your own choice of working hours.

    K. P.

  • I especially enjoy the job because it's not repetitive, it's interesting and you can sometimes practice English. The team is great! And I work for you because it got me so much that I don't know if I'll ever want to work in any different field.

    J. Š.

  • I have my own band so I am happy I can see how it works on a professional level. I like having the opportunity to see interesting places and shows.

    F. M.

  • It's a good job with easy-going people at great places. And beautiful weather, women and free gym in the summer on top of that.:)

    E. P.

  • I like the variety of jobs and the environment of cultural events. Because I was locked in a factory for 4 years where a person has to decide whether to eat or go to the bathroom, I like the personal freedom the stagehands' job gives you. I learn something new with every event which keeps me progressing. After that, it is good that Shameless is not only about work but also about fun activities such as football, laser game and so on. Other advantages are a friendly team and the possibilities to grow. Shameless is not a job, it's a way of life.

    T. P.

  • Well, that's clear! Amazing people. Amazing management. Great events, overall the whole package.

    J. L.

  • The answer is a bit more complicated. Although I have other offers for jobs that are not manual, I still want to work for Shameless. Firstly I appreciate the understanding approach of the management towards workers. The possibility to get wages at different times or to sign up if you missed the deadline. Then tolerant (to a reasonable amount) and friendly behavior. That you can get a lift home after a job. I am also happy that we build something big. In fact, by building the stage we make the festivals happen!:D I enjoy that and the festivals themselves. Overall a nice group of people. We often have fun and we become friends outside of work as well. Those are the main reasons why I work for you.

    D. S.

  • I have always enjoyed working with technical equipment. And now I have a job in which I build numerous constructions and plug electrical appliances almost all the time. Overall I enjoy creating something and come up with my own ways that I prefer to the ones of others. It's a great job that I want to have all the time... even as an adult as a part-time job.

    F. B.

  • Most enjoy... the working environment, variety, and atmosphere probably... the contrast between a kick ass concert and a quiet walk in an empty Prague at night. Interesting experiences, working out for which you actually get paid and endless inspiration for people who like music. One learns to think quickly and logically in a practical manner. And I enjoy working with you because you are a bunch of honest, dedicated, fair guys who are great with the organizational stuff on top of that (application, wages, on the spot management). You are real professionals in your field who don't have any such competition in the Czech Republic. And that's a valuable combination one should appreciate if he's not a complete idiot.

    O. S.

Sinch app

As our employee, you will get access to the Sinch online system, in which you can sign yourself up for your own jobs. Only you decide when and where to work. The more jobs you do, the more money you get and the more opportunities open up for you. Thanks to our app, you get a complete overview of your jobs and wages. You can send your money to your bank account anytime you want with a click of a button.

Our attitude

We do it a bit differently – being a stagehand is only the beginning for us. We want you to be able to progress quickly and learn the basics of multiple specialized professions in showbusiness. We organize regular training sessions and offer the possibility to try new skills. We have a set work order but we are open to innovative approaches and suggestions. Join us and experience the atmosphere of concerts and open-air festivals from the other side.

Become a stagehand      crew@shameless.cz